Do you need words that benefit your business?
I’m here to help.

Hello, I’m JuIia and I set up Bluebean Copywriting in 2013.

In the UK, I worked as a legal assistant. My job was to negotiate with insurance companies on behalf of clients with personal injury claims. I also had to write out documents for court cases and cut down wordy text into a concise clear description.

When I left the UK to live in Spain I worked for a UK travel company selling their flight tickets. It was this job that gave me a real feel for selling and taught me that knowing a little bit about how people tick helps to make a sale.

I also taught English as a foreign language for fifteen years. I found that by adapting complicated text into something simpler my students understood topics more easily.

I’ve taken those lessons with me into my copywriting. I think about the needs of your target audience and then I use words to produce clear, concise copy that persuades people to take action