Website Check-Up

Website Check-up

Have you noticed your website seems a bit under the weather? Could it do with a website check-up and some TLC?

The Importance of Looking After Your Website

Just imagine…You’re looking for a health product or a service. You go into the High Street and two places next to each other might have what you need. One is shabby and old fashioned looking and there doesn’t seem to be anyone about.

The other one is clean and modern. When you look through the window the person inside gives you a warm smile. What do you do? You give the shabby place a miss and go and talk to the smiley person in the modern premises.

But, that’s not the end of it. When you get inside you have lots of questions which the smiley person can answer. You like this person and you feel they are knowledgeable and trustworthy. You decide there and then this is the business that can help you.

A website needs to do the same


The website check-up

Your website is your virtual business premises. It needs to be attractive and inviting. The customer service should be excellent and your web visitors should feel that you can solve their problem. And, it will, but only if you remember to update and modernise your website when it begins to look shabby and under the weather.

A lot of business owners never touch their website content after it goes live. So what happens? Well…two or three years down the line what you wanted to say might not be relevant and the information you’ve written might be out-of-date. Maybe you’ve used complicated language that’s not easy to read. Or the content style doesn’t go with your new branding.

How I Can Help To Nurse Your Content Back to Heath?

First, I will make a deep analysis of your web pages to find out if:

  • the content is relevant and up-to-date
  • your language is concise and easy-to-read
  • You appear friendly and trustworthy

Next, I’ll:

  • look at the structure of your text
  • make sure you have outlined the benefits you offer
  • check to see you are motivating your visitors to take action

Finally, it’s time to:

  • review your grammar and spelling
  • ensure that your tone of voice is consistent
  • check that each page has been written in the same style

After that, I will write up a report for you within three weeks of making your booking. I’ll send it to you and once you’ve had the chance to look at it you can book your call and we can talk about my recommendations.

Bronze Option                                        Silver Option

£289                                                          £449

You’ll get:                                                  You’ll get:

♦  3-page website audit                          ♦ 5-page website audit

♦  Your health check report                    ♦  Your health check report

♦  30-minute report call                          ♦  30-minute report call

If you’d like a website check-up all you need to do is fill in my contact form and I’ll get in touch with you.

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