Does putting holes in your body help your migraine?

Can Putting Holes in Your Body Help Your Migraine?

According to the Migraine Trust, migraine is the third most common disease in the world.   Migraine isn’t just a headache, it’s usually a throbbing pain on one side of the head. During a migraine, you might feel sick. You may also be sensitive to noise and light and find it difficult to have a…


Can meditation calm your mind and do you need spaghetti legs?

Can Meditation Calm Your Mind (And Do You Need Spaghetti Legs)?

When I was a teenager we had a young science teacher who had long hair and wore tie-dye shirts. He was completely different from the other teachers we had, so of course, we all thought the world of him. One day in class he started to talk about meditation and how being able to meditate…


How your website content helps to capture your audience

How The Content On Your Website Helps To Capture Your Audience

As a health business, you may be dealing with delicate issues. Maybe you offer addiction treatment, for example. How do you persuade people to use your service? How can the content of your website capture your audience? Word of mouth and recommendations from former patients will help. But, there’s another important tool you should be…


CBT What is it and how can it help with anxiety

CBT – What Is It and How Can It Help With Anxiety?

CBT stands for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. It’s a talking therapy. This means that you have the support of a therapist. But, what is CBT and how can it help with anxiety? CBT is a combination of exploring the way you think with how you behave. For example, thinking negative thoughts might trigger feelings of anxiety…


Can slowing down with mindfulness help to reduce stress

Can Mindfulness Help You To Feel Less Stressed?

Many years ago I was on a day trip to London with my husband. It was his first visit to England and of course he was keen to see the capital. He comes from a village in southern Spain. There are only 700 residents. They work hard cultivating olives, but the pace of life is…


Depression- You're not alone

Depression – Symptoms, Causes And Where To Get Help

Depression is a common condition. In the 2016 survey of health and wellbeing, 3.3 people out of every 100 were suffering from depression.  It can be mild, moderate or severe. If you have depression you may feel unusually irritable or tired. Or you might have thoughts about self-harm or suicide. Depression is sometimes difficult to…


Why do you need to send me a health copywriting brief?

Why Do You Send Me A Health Copywriting Brief?

When you decide you want to work with me I’ll send you my health copywriting brief. There are a lot of questions. No doubt you’re thinking why do you send me a health copywriting brief? Well, it’s because it will stop any delays. If I have all the answers to my questions at the beginning…


Getting enough sleep - is it a nightmare?

Getting Enough Sleep – Is It a Nightmare?

My husband puts his head on the pillow and is asleep in seconds. I am so jealous. It sometimes takes me an age to get to sleep. Obvious effects of lack of sleep are irritability, lack of concentration and fatigue. But, a continued sleep problem can cause health problems. These include diabetes, obesity and raised…


Five apps that could help your anxiety

Help With Anxiety – Five Apps You Can Use On Your Smartphone

Are you’re looking for a convenient tool that might help you to manage your anxiety? Here are five apps that could help with your anxiety to use on your mobile or tablet. I have included the Google Play Store reviews. It’s always handy to see what other users think of the apps. Headspace Are you…


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