Why Blogs and Articles Help You To Attract Customers


Articles and Blogs

When you’re looking at a website it’s because you want information or help. You want to know more about the product or service you’re thinking about buying.


For example, you want to buy fish oil capsules for the first time. You obviously want to know the price, but is that all?

What if while you’re looking you see there are fish oil, omega 3 oil and, cod liver oil capsules? You want to know which one you need, right? How do you get that information?

If it’s a good website it will contain blogs and articles. You can read them to find out more about fish oils or any other health product the site has to offer.


It’s the same with a service.  You want to give up smoking and you’ve heard about hypnosis. If you don’t know a lot about it you’ll have plenty of questions. Blogs and articles can answer questions and provide useful information.


The problem is some website owners don’t seem to grasp the value that words have on the page. They think all you need is a full page of text stuffed with keywords. But, think about it, what do you do when you come across that type of webpage?

If it’s a long text, full of jargon without any spaces or headings to break it up, how do you feel? Personally I take one look and say to myself “I’m not reading that.” Then I click asway and look at another website. Gone, an opportunity lost.

The value of words

Blog and article writing isn’t only about filling pages. It’s about creating content that your potential customers, clients and patients want to read. It should capture their attention, inform and/or persuade. It should make your website the ‘go to’ for readers who want relevant, up-to-date health information.

That’s why high-quality content will attract and engage the very people you want to target. When you have a web page with easy to read, engaging content your reader doesn’t click away. Instead, they stay on your website. By the time they’ve finished, they trust you to give them the product or service they want.

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