Editing to improve your health communicationsEditing

Have you got content that you think needs reviewing with a fresh pair of eyes? Does it need editing?  I can help you bring your content up-to-date and make sure it reads well. Plus, I can re-write complex information so that your readers understand what you want to tell them.

Reviewing content you’ve written

I’ll look over your written work and check for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Then I will make sure the text is structured properly and makes sense. I’ll also check you’ve put in any new keywords and phrases and they read naturally. Editing can also include changing words to make your writing clearer and easier to read.

Updating website content and patient handouts

I can also help you if your website content or handouts are out-of-date or simply need a refresh. This might mean getting rid of old content that’s no longer relevant and replacing it with fresh information.

Changing complex language

If you have content that contains complex language, let me make it reader-friendly. Fill in my contact form and let’s talk.

I create content based on reliable health advice and evidence based research.
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