Website copy for your healthcare communications

Website Copy

Busy people want to be able to access health information easily and quickly. Your website copy should be up-to-date with relevant content. Keywords will boost your SEO and attract your ideal audience.

I expect you know your health website needs to be appealing. This is to attract potential customers, clients and patients. No doubt you’ve spent good money on the design. But, now it’s time to add the words.

The value of the words on your web page

Their value? Well, they should help to increase your website traffic. What does that mean? It means using words and phrases for search engine optimisation (SEO).

Optimised words help to prompt Google into including your website in its search results. That means people will be able to find you. It doesn’t mean cramming the page full of keywords. It means placing them carefully within interesting content people want to read.

What about your bounce rate?

Then there’s your bounce rate. This is the amount of time a person stays on your site. If you have engaging content that’s relevant to their search, these people will stay on your site for longer. They won’t just take a quick peek and then move on to the next website.

Your words also show off your brand personality. You can be funny, caring, friendly, formal, sincere and much more. The tone of voice you use on your website helps to attract the right audience. The people who want the health product or service you offer.

Web copy that creates trust

Finally, you need to create trust. If you can answer the questions a website reader is asking, then they are more likely to trust you. If they trust you they will buy your product or use your service.

That’s where I can help you. I can write health copy that informs and persuades using keywords and phrases to help SEO.

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